Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dish Scrubbie

When I found the super bulky yarn I used for the bias scarf, it was actually tied into a scrap yarn ball with some worsted. I separated the two weights out, and after I was done with the bias scarf, I used the rest for this scrubbie:


I love how it looks (it was supposed to be a circle, but I accidentally made it into a heart...when you tie it into a circle, you're supposed to pull the center tight to make it scrunch up in the middle, and I also accidentally pulled the top section tight, too) and I really do like how it functions (the ridges make washing dishes nice) but I have this aversion to sponges, because I hate that they sit there and collect if I were to make this again, I would give it an i-cord loop so that I could hang it over the faucet to dry. And I've actually seen a lot of patterns that already include this feature, so maybe I'll make one of those next, instead.

This is a pretty good way to use up some scrap yarn, though, so I think I'll keep this in mind!

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