Monday, July 19, 2010

Finished Cozy

My boyfriend's Mom bought me yarn :) She took me into Micheal's, led me to the yarn shop, and told me to pick out enough to finish three projects. I swooned <3

I picked out the yarn for the apron, a yarn for a super-special project I'll show you later, and this yarn here:


And remember how I said that the chances of me finding the same color of yarn were slim because I bought it so long ago? Well I found the exact. same. color. I was so excited!

And I figured that since I was working with 100% acrylic this cozy would be more for looks than functionality. But guess what?! This actually keeps my tea hot exponentially longer than without it! So it's a pretty cool little project :)

I even had yarn left over, which leaves me with the opportunity for future projects :)

And this cozy has a pocket in the bottom for a sachet, so at some point I will make something pretty-smelling to add to that spot :) Very excited!

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