Monday, March 7, 2011

Perfume Making

Remember I took a class on making perfumes at The Nova Studio back in December? Well my Aunt requested that I help her come up with a custom perfume for her to use :) Check out our mess:

My ingredients

My oils, some coffee beans, and some containers.

Things got more and more messy as time went on :)
 When I took the class, I had the opportunity to make my own blend, that I ended up liking a lot. But when I got home, I had a feeling that the blend was way too juvenile for me to wear (it smelled surprisingly similar to a 50/50 bar). So when I was helping my Aunt come up with her perfumes, I also added another essential oil to my blend. The addition? Ginger grass. Literally one of my least favorite scents.

And now I love the blend & feel like I can wear it :)

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