Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thank You Notes

I don't do Thank You notes for everything, but I thought for the graduation party, it was just a logical thing to do. I started out just handwriting the notes on pretty colors:

And while I like that they're colorful, I thought sticking a colored piece of paper in an envelope was a little lame. So I talked to Mom and she came up with a much better idea! First, I arranged some pressed flowers and my thank you note on my scanner:

Then, I put one of Mom's handmade papers as the background:

And the result was a pretty, handmade thank you note that matched the feel and idea of the original party! 

I suppose the hardest thing to get a hold of would be the pressed flowers (I was lucky Mom had some on hand), but really you can buy them at Michaels, along with pretty papers etc. I wonder, would it be possible to do this on a computer if you wanted to? I don't have the skills to go there, but it might be something interesting to look into.

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