Sunday, January 2, 2011

Menu 12/14

Wednesday: Tangy Chicken Breasts from More Than a Cook Book: The reason this was supposed to be "tangy" was because of lemon or lime juice. Which we forgot to add. Not surprisingly, this was fairly bland. We're pretty much world class cooks.

Thursday: Hot Bean Dip from Taste of Home: We fairly frequently eat appetizers as meals. This was beans plus meat plus cheese, plus taco sauce, and we ate it with chips some days and in tortillas with more cheese and sour cream other times and oh man. It was delicious.

Friday: Asian Mango Chicken from Taste of Home Magazine December/January 2010: I wasn't really fond of this, because the salsa over it included bell peppers...but it also included mango and cucumber, so I just picked out the nasty bits.

Saturday: Quesadilla de Wisconsin from No More Than 5 Ingredients: This was the weirdest meal. We baked cheese, and sausage onto a tortilla in the oven. Pretty dull. It was supposed to have jalapeƱo on it, but neither Nick nor I like it...oh well.

Sunday: Cheese, Mushroom, and Bacon Pie from Taste of Home Magazine August and September 2010: This is a quiche. I don't know why they called it a pie, but it's a quiche. And oh man, what a quiche. I love love quiche, I think it's the most amazing food in the world. If you don't love quiche, well maybe you didn't have a very good childhood. You never know.

Monday: Italian Sausage Grinders from Taste of Home Magazine October and November 2010: You know how the last recipe was a quiche, but they called it pie? Well they're calling these "grinders" but let me just tell you, folks. These are chilli dogs. (Delicious, delicious chilli dogs).

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