Thursday, April 15, 2010


So my brother was just in Mexico and while he was there he say these tortilla makers for sale. But instead of buying one, he decided he would rather make one.
So once we came up with the finished press, we then had to find out how to make tortillas! We used an online recipe, and were generally happy with the results we got.However, we were a little disappointed by the fact that our tortillas shriveled up as soon as we pulled them out of the press. After all the work building the thing, it turned out it was a lot easier to make the tortillas using a rolling pin. However, I found online that you may be able to get around the shriveling by using unbleached flour, so maybe try that!And it's fairly good to note, that it took a LOT of practice to get pretty tortillas!! So don't give up after the first one :)

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