Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Nick's 21st Bday

We really celebrate our birthdays in this household, because celebrating other things out & about is way too expensive (like Valentines Day, for example. Never go out to dinner on Valentine's Day). My birthday is mid-May, and his is Mid-December, both times where it's really cheap to go out and do things. Perfect.

This year, Mr. Nicholas turned 21. I suppose we could have been all traditional-like and gone to a club and gotten wasted and not remembered the whole celebration but I have to be honest and let you know that I'm not into that crowd. I don't think I've been to a club in over three years, and the last time I got drunk was nearly four years ago. Not my thing, nope.

So instead of getting HAMMERED BABY we went wine tasting instead. And since it was December and the weather was coldish, there were almost no lines and prices were lower than usual. It was excellent.

We went by three wineries: Artesa, which is my favorite for the cool building and art; Sterling, my favorite for the great tour; and we stopped by Catello di Amerosa, which we are planning on going to next time (because it is so cool!).

One downside of going on couple trips: taking photos of yourself.

So we felt pretty lucky when someone offered to take our picture for us!

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